Has anyone had experience flushing G diaper disposable inserts?

I recently heard about G diapers and watched the video claiming they are flushable. I have read mixed things online about whether they clog toilets or not. Anybody have any experience with them? Did your toilet get clogged if you flushed them? Also if you use them did you take them out and about with you and flush them in public toilets?

  • Tiana
    Aug 01

    I wouldn’t risk it.

  • Suzy
    Aug 02

    I wouldn’t, unless you want to replace the septic tank. “Flushable wipes” clogged my mothers. I imagine these would do the same.

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 02

    Flushing anything other than poop, pee, and toilet paper will eventually clog toilets. And if you have a private septic, it will eventually require a lot of work and $$ to clean or fix it if you flush more than excrement and TP regularly....especially if your septic requires any kind of pumping uphill.

  • Caroline
    Aug 08

    I’m thinking you’re referring to flushable liners? I use a liner with each cloth diaper. It’s basically a poop catcher that lays over the cloth insert. It’s permeable to urine which will then absorb into the cloth insert. If the child poops, the liner will contain the poop so you can throw the liner with the poop in it into the trash or flush it down the toilet. The liners are typically about as thin as toilet paper but much stronger. I just thrown them in the trash but the companies that make them claim they’re flushable. They probably would be fine to flush but for me it’s easier to throw it in the trash.

  • Vonda
    Aug 08

    They are too good to be true. If they don’t clog your toilet they’ll clog the waste system that becomes a problem later when they have to repair it. Costing money no one wants to spend. My husband works for waste management where we live and they have to do more maintenance just to try and get rid of them. “Flushable” is a lie. Please just throw them away. As Julie said; flushing anything other than poop, pee and toilet paper will eventually clog toilets. One way or another.