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Has anyone had postpartum knee pain?

Has anyone else experienced postpartum knee pain or notice it gradually with baby wearing? My 5 week old is about 12 pounds and I wear him kangaroo style in a Moby wrap about 4-6 hours of the day. I also have been strength training for the past two weeks, with appropriate rest days, and cardio via incline walking and elliptical use everyday. (No running). Any thoughts before I make a trip to the doctor?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 30

    Too much too fast? Changes in weight? Even bad shoes, or posture from hunching to carry extra weight. The incline training would do it. Extra hormones will mess with your body in soon many mysterious ways too. Mine was carpal tunnel, numbness in my hands, and hair loss for both. By 6 months pp the symptoms were pretty much gone. If they hurt, take a break! Work on the arms, or a nap, ha ha.

  • Janis
    Apr 30

    Well the one thing my husband said could do it is the leg press if I was straightening my legs all the way, and I think I was. More interestingly, all my late night feedings/research time also introduced to me the idea that it could also be the way I am sitting while breastfeeding. I tend to sit on the couch and keep one of my legs tucked underneath me for a long time. I usually switch them from leg to leg, but I’m still not stretching the knee out. For the last six weeks, I’ve essentially been putting constant stress on the knees either by weight, or by keeping them bent too long.