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Has anyone heard of britax one4life car seat?


I have a 2 year old daughter and we’re thinking of getting her front facing car seat. I’m thinking of buying her the one4life which is coming out this October but it’s too pricey ($400-$600 I think). One4life car seat is for infant to big kid. It says it grows with your child up to 10 years. If I buy that car seat I already missed out the 2 years of the car seat. Do you think it’s worth it? Any front facing recommendations would be great. Thank you in advance.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 26, 2019

    We have the Graco 4Ever and didn’t start using it until our daughter was 9 months old, it’s a 4in1 so it grows with your child. it’s super durable and it’s only about $150, which is well worth it if it’s going to last us 10 years. It goes from rear facing to front facing and it turns into a booster when the time comes. Good luck finding one!! It took us a while to choose which one we wanted too