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Has anyone used these before? Do they work?

  • Taylor
    Apr 11

    Is that the tea?

  • Michaelene
    Apr 11

    No they’re pills, does this brand make a tea? Does the tea work? Im also look for recommendations for lactation snacks and drinks....

  • Ashley
    Apr 11


  • Cara
    Apr 11

    My LC told me that you'd have to drink a ton of tea to really get any benefit from it. And then you'd have to drink a ton more water to accommodate the diuretic effects! ☹️ I haven't tried this brand of pill specifically but I know that pills are more likely to work because they're a much higher concentration. I had a problem with low milk supply and my DD pediatrician said to increase calories! Ice cream specifically haha but oats and oatmeal are a tried and true way. The cookies are great (and maybe a bit better alternative to ice cream? 🤷🏼‍♀️) Anyway, hope this helps some!