Have you been a victim of medical identity theft?

A reporter from NBC news is putting together a story on the rise medical identity theft (stealing people's identity to access their medical benefits) and wants to hear from parents who have been victims. Apparently it is on the rise! If you have been a victim of medical identity theft, it'd be great if you could share your story in the comments.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 19, 2018

    When I was 22 I discovered a hospital bill in collections on my credit report. “I” had gotten a CAT scan when I was 18 here in the Bay Area. In reality I was down at UC Irvine for my freshman year with no car, and had only ever been to the hospital once in my life when I was in middle school. I never found out if it was a mis-billing or someone willfully using my insurance info. It took me almost a year to get the item removed. Ultimately, it wasn’t even the credit bureau who removed it after my dispute. I finally got hold of the hospital’s billing department and showed them proof I was at UC Irvine. They removed the item for me from their end.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 27, 2018

    They had a huge thing that a lot of names, etc where leaked from the children’s hospital my son goes to because an employee opened an unknown email that ended up being a hack to get into their system and steal medical information and social security info.