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Have you done your cake smash photoshoot before baby turns 1 or after? 🎂🎉

  • Kieli
    Jun 20

    The day before my daughter turned 1. She did not like the cake at all, just played with the flowers. She’s the one in red

  • Kryz
    Jun 20

    I wasn’t able to do it on his birthday or before because of the decorations not coming in time. So it will be after 🙁 and awww she really didn’t like it. But she is so cute!

  • Jennifer
    Jun 20

    We decided to let her smash a cake at her party rather than do a whole separate shoot. It was thunder storming that day, so she had a raincoat on, which was lucky for cleanup lol😂

  • Betty
    Jun 20

    I did it about a week before my daughter turned one

  • Jackie
    Jun 22

    We will be doing ours shortly after she turns one. My LO turns one next week and with my step son having baseball tournaments going on still and my husband and I working different days it’s hard to find something that works. So it will probably be 1 maybe 2 weeks later. We also did her newborn session at 1 month. Don’t stress it! If you really want a cake smash on her birthday do like Jennifer did and do your own and you can still have a professional one done after and do some family pics at the same time!

  • Danielle
    Jun 23

    I had his cake smash photoshoot at 10 months since 11 and 12 months gonna get super busy for me to be able to do this. I did the photoshoot myself since I’m an uprising photographer but definitely do it depending on how you feel on when