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Have you ever held your kid’s birthday at a park, but without reserving a pavilion?


We’ve almost always had our daughter’s birthdays at a park, reserving a pavilion. The weather is great this time of year here and it has worked out well. This year however, I’m trying to keep costs way down and considering just asking people to bring blankets & chairs to a chosen park. If you’ve ever done that, would you recommend?

  • PK
    Jan 05

    I’ve never done that before but if the weather has been nice i don’t see a problem with that.. will there be a ton of people? Are you serving food? Maybe buy a foldable portable table to have so you have some place to put food and gifts. The table will come in handy other times too!

  • Keri
    Jan 10

    We had our daughter bday at a park that doesn’t have a fee to reserve (typically at parks without restrooms). It was tricky and my husband got clever with a portapotty and tarp. It worked out well.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 11

    Does the park system in your area have a list of rentable areas, and which are still available? If you've got a park that's big enough that it's got plenty of picnic areas, you could commit to a particular park and finalize the site the day-of (and let people know via e-vite/text updates, etc.)