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My almost 5 year old is in love with his Mac and cheese. He loves carbs. That’s the issue. Any creative ways to get your kids to let go of the carbs? If we have to, a little tough love will be the last resort but let’s hear what you’ve tried :)

  • PK
    Mar 20

    Have you tried zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice? A friend of mind has a child obsessed with mashed potatoes and fried rice so she substituted all the carbs with cauliflower. I have tried zucchini noodles with my son and he loves it.

  • PK
    Mar 20

    Zucchini bread!! Still has carbs but it also has zucchini and it’s delicious

  • Joanna
    Mar 20

    I'm not trying to cut carbs from my skinny kid's diet, but I'm always trying to get more protein and fat in it. I always add extra butter, peanut butter etc to snacks. Sometimes I'll notice that he'll eat less of the carbs (grains). Like one slice of bread with double butter is just as filling as two slices with less butter. Muffins and smoothies are a good way to hide extra stuff you want kids to eat. I add chia seeds and nut powder. He'll eat protein bars, but definitely check labels first. I might try making our own protein bites too. For Mac and cheese, try chickpea noodles and/or mixing up the types of cheese. I personally love zucchini noodles, but my kid won't eat it. Same with the cauliflower crust pizza. But it's worth a shot! I try to reduce the sugar too from snacks like yogurt. Mixing a little fresh fruit or jam with plain yogurt instead of the fake sugar or gogurt. It doesn't work all the time. Sometimes he'll do half gogurt half plain. Kids are fussy like that.

  • Elle
    Mar 21

    You're the one providing the food! Give him vegetables and proteins along with the carbs! Let him see you enjoying vegetables and proteins. Involve him in the selection and preparing of the foods.

  • Stacey
    Mar 27

    Our son is exactly the same. We found these broccoli and cheese filled tator tots which he loves. We also found Harvest Snaps. They have carbs but are made out of peas. They are like a cheeto in texture. My husband will make eggs with veggies on the weekend. He also loves rice so we can sometimes sneak some veggies in there and he ate all the carrots in his curry the other night. I think a lot is texture based so it's a lot of experimenting.