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Hello all, my daugther will be 1 in june. I need simple and affordable birthday party ideas.


I grew up in Africa and there were no such thing as birthday party. When its your birthday, its just a typical day. In this country, birthday parties is more popular and im pressured to do something as everyone keeps asking. At least having her first birthday will be her feel special. Any ideas on how to start etc. Food? Kids? I'm cluless. What did you all di. Thank you.

  • Andy
    May 07

    Pretty simple. We just invite family/friends over and go to the park or do it in the backyard. We eat something simple like pizza or do a potluck. We usually have some of babies favorite foods. Fruit typically. We make a birthday cake and a mini cake just for baby. The highlight of the party is watching baby smash the little cake and eat it. We don’t do sugar really until this moment so it’s very entertaining to watch baby’s reactions as she has cake for the first time.

  • Myrtle
    Sep 10

    We literally bought a cake, some paper plates and forks and brought those over to the park. We invited friends and made it clear we were just serving cake. All the kids played at the park and had a great time! The only cost was the cake/plates so maybe 50 bucks out the door.