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Hello... anyone else get palpitations after delivery .... i have 5 months baby girl...

  • Sara
    May 15

    I would definitely talk to your doctor -- either your primary care physician or your ob gyn. Something could be up with your thyroid (thyroid disorders can cause heart palpitations) and it is relatively common for women to have thyroid issues during or after pregnancy. It's easy to test for thyroid problems (just a blood test) and usually easy to correct with medication so you definitely want to get that checked out.

  • Elle
    May 19

    Go to a primary (GP) or a cardiologist.

  • Rachel
    May 21

    Yes I do, I read it could be related to nursing , I don’t know if you are nursing but with me I think it may be related

  • Anonymous
    May 21

    With anything regarding the chest cavity/heart to include palpitations, I would take that seriously and consult a medical professional immediately.