Hello, our baby hates the car seat! He’s 5 mo. What solutions do you have?

Also, any recommendations about how to keep him cool during the ride. AC can take awhile to reach the back.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 18, 2019

    When my son was small, he used to hate the car seat as well. I would bring a tiny portable white noise machine and it used to help calm him down and outside of that, it’s quite normal for them to fuss with car seats - eventually they will get used to it and be able to amuse themselves in their seat. For keeping cool, especially in the summer, try laying a cooling mat on the seat before you put him in and especially if leaving the car parked outside anywhere - used to help our little man a lot - he hated the heat. Also heard great things about the Noggle even though it’s kind of goofy. It keeps little ones entertained and very cool. Good luck!

  • Aften
    Jul 19, 2019

    We use a little clip on fan to help keep our little guy cool until the AC can reach him in the car. Just make sure it’s totally secure and that he can’t reach it. It’s great for the stroller, too.

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 22, 2019

    Depending on his size he may be ready for the bigger seat!!! My daughter was ready by this age for sure!!!

  • Gretchen
    Jul 25, 2019

    Mine is the same age and also hates the carseat. We just got her the Graco 4ever convertible seat and she seems to like it better. Although still gets fussy. We have the noggle for air and it’s great. I’d highly recommend. That and we got a clip on foam fan which she is amused by because she can stop it with her finger and it doesn’t hurt. Keeps her entertained for a bit until she gets bored then fusses.