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HELP!!! 😫😫

Mommas! I need to find a good product that will curl my hair. I have very straight hair and when I try to curl it, it won’t stay curled. I have tried hair spray -no luck! I have done over night rolls and they seem to work for two hours and curls fall after that. I have tried the wand and it burned my hair and the curl never stayed. I need help finding a good product! Open for advice on this! Thank you!! 🤗🤗

  • Jenn
    Feb 01, 2019

    Have you tried lots of hairspray after the curling wand? I have very fine hair that hates to keep a curl. I can get my hair to stay curly by washing, letting air dry (no product), then using a curling wand for about 20 seconds for each section I put in, then turning my head upside down and going crazy with hairspray. I'm not talking a few sprays I mean, like, 30% of the can is gone. I use crappy hairspray, like Garnier or Aussie. It's a bitch to brush out but it's worth it for special occasions I suppose.