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HELP! 1.5 YO is climbing out of crib!

Hi everyone. We have always been taught that once baby is able to climb out of a crib to transition to a toddler bed for their safety, but our daughter is 19mo and it just feels too early still. Any tricks for stopping the climbing? Or do we just baby proof the holy hell out of her room and go to a toddler bed? Background: she sleeps with a VERY flat pillow and her crib mattress is all the way on the bottom setting so it can’t be lowered anymore. She’s only done it once so far and I happened to be in the room at the time and told her no.

  • Ian
    May 13

    Does she sleep in a sleep sack? I would think that would make it harder to climb out of a crib...?

  • Lindsay
    May 19

    She does not and will not sadly. She did as a young buck but once she started walking ~10 mo or so she began to really have the sleep sack. We kept her in it for awhile longer, for safety since they aren’t allowed a blanket at that point but we all suffered sleep so as soon as blankets were allowed we switched to that

  • Momof1
    May 20

    Have you considered turning the crib so the higher end is facing out instead of against the wall? This would make it harder to climb out.

  • Lindsay
    May 21

    Unfortunately we don’t have a higher end 😓 it’s even all the way around. She hasn’t done it again since we caught it, so we’ve kind of left it as is and am hoping that’s the case for awhile though we did baby proof the holy hell out of her room and have a toddler bed rail thing for if she starts again