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Ugh, my son is almost 8 months old...he is still not sleeping through the night, he seemed like he was getting close and now he is worse than ever! He used to sleep at least from 6-12 and then wake every few hours in the morning until we got up which was not perfect, but bareable. Now he is waking up every 3 hours all night long and then wide awake at 6 am...I tried to follow previous advice to just go in, pat him and get him back to sleep without a bottle or anything. It just won’t work...he will cry and cry until he’s given a bottle. When I try to let him just hang out in his crib hoping he will put himself back to sleep, he starts yelling and he likes to kick the sides of his crib, which makes our dog bark like crazy and then wakes up our 3 year old!! I need some serious help, we should all be getting a full nights sleep by now I really need it 😩

  • Jeffrey
    Aug 09

    It could have something to do with his day naps. My daughter was having a hard time sleeping through the night of her day routine was thrown off. A nap at 10 and then a nap at 2 is what her schedule looks like. Also we give her a bottle when she wakes up, but not when she falls asleep. It may help him understand that he gets food when he wakes up rather then going to bed.

  • Anna
    Aug 10

    My baby sleeps through the night with the help of takingcarababies. It is sleep training education program for 2 weeks! It was amazing for us. If u have an instagram account, go and see what it is! Strongly suggest it👍🏻