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Help! Baby number two is coming in the next six weeks. Should we spell his name “Miles” or “Myles”

  • Jenna
    Jun 17


  • Jennifer
    Jun 17


  • Emily
    Jun 17

    I like Miles.

  • Kieli
    Jun 18

    Depending if you want “unique” Or not. Does first baby have a “unique” name? When I was looking to name my second I wanted it to blend well with my first. My firsts name is Willow, so we sought all kinds of not so common names to go with it. We almost named our second Hazel, but didn’t like how Willow and Hazel sounded so, ultimately we named her Scarlett. We didn’t want to have one child with a not so common name, and one with a really common or really different name. So it really depends on what works for your family and what your preferences are.