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I have a 1 week newborn who sleeps all day and wants to to be up and fussy all night!!! Is that normal? I cannot remember if my first born did the same because it's been so long.

  • Frida
    Oct 26, 2019

    Try to make noise during the day turn on the tv, lights, open the windows, and do the opposite during the night it is very common but you need to accommodate their sleep schedule otherwise it’s going to get worse for you, good luck!!

  • Bibi
    Oct 30

    My newborn did the same thing and it lasted a week! I made sure the room was nice and lit up and didn’t mind if the house was noisy. He did eventually flip it around. Don’t worry your baby will eventually get the schedule right. Good luck !

  • Karla
    Nov 02

    My 1 week old is also doing this. He isn't as fussy at night but still more awake at night than daytime. I'm just gonna let him be for now and hope he also gets on board with sleeping at night lol

  • Jenna
    Nov 08

    Newborns will have their night and days mixed up because they take so many naps. It’s very normal and over time baby will sleep less during the day and more at night