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Help! How do you deal with dropped naps?!?

My son is turning 2.5 this weekend. Yesterday, he finally learned he can get out of his crib and cut out napping entirely all in one day. Day 2 and we're down the same path. I'm a sahm and really need that time to myself to recharge. How do you deal with naps being dropped entirely and transitioning to a toddler bed all in one shot? The way our door handles, are my only real option will be to put a special lock on his door to keep him in his room.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 26, 2019

    That’s what most blogs I’ve read about transitioning to toddler bed says to do. Put them in their room (very child proofed) and lock the door. They say to put them in there 20/30 min before “nap time” so they have time to play and what ever and will (should) eventually fall asleep, even if it’s on the floor. I’ve read it helps a lot to have those green light clocks that turn green when you can “wake up”, so they know they need to stay in bed until the clock turns green and they can wake up. Don’t know how you feel about screen time but my neighbor put a little tv in her daughters room and asks her to stay in bed until the movie is over. Sometimes she’ll fall asleep, sometimes she won’t. But regardless she gets quiet time and so does mom. I think I’d definitely consider that even if it’s a last resort.

  • Beth
    Sep 26, 2019

    We've made it into quiet time. My 3 yo has recently dropped the nap but we still have the same time shes always napped 1-3pm blocked off as sacred. I live for quiet time. She plays in her room with a few books and toys and I tell her if she feels like she wants to go to sleep she can. But it's quiet time. It took a few times of really making sure she knows that she needs to stay in her room. And now it's just part of our day. I don't even have to close her door anymore especially now that she's potty trained.