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Help! I’ve got a hothead


Hi parents! My 3yo daughter has quite the temper on her. If she’s upset she stomps, yells, and can be destructive (which she in turn gets timeout for destructive behavior. I am in need of advice on how to help her channel her anger and control it. I don’t want to tell her to not be mad because I think it’s important for kids to learn their feelings and know how to respond instead of them learning to bury them. She is an only child and will remain one but she’s not a spoiled kid, I truly just believe she’s a bit of a hothead. Any advice would be welcomed.

  • Suzanne
    Nov 20, 2018

    I notice my daughter gets like that when she’s not getting enough sleep and/or eating too much sugar. I help her get more sleep time and cut down hidden sugars like in juices. I take her to bed 1 hour earlier than usual. She wakes up rested and calm.

  • Beth
    Nov 20, 2018

    It’s good to label it for her, “I know you’re mad/upset,” and it’s not too early to start to teach her self calming. “Let’s sit down and take a couple breaths.” Or “Let’s count to ten.” I have a quick tempered child too. It’s getting better as her language development grows, but I think she’ll always be quick tempered. Good luck! I’m sure you’re doing great.

  • Christa
    Nov 20, 2018

    I was told to read the book called “beyond the time out” It helps with how to work through issues which are the direct result that puts the child in time out. It may be worth checking out. It talks about channeling anger and controlling it. Also it helps address issues that she is having and why maybe she is responding to not getting her way in the ways that she is! Hope it works for you!

  • Genie
    Nov 22, 2018

    Read "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" IT WORKS, and I can say this from experience. It's not a long read and worth its weight in gold.

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 23, 2018

    Find out why she might be mad, hungry, over tired, bored, cranky, wants some interaction?