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Help me out mommas-- is your LO on probiotics?

Have any of you mamas given ur LO probiotics? My babygirl is going on 6 wks & was 6 wks early (so she spent 3 wks in NICU) so they put her on neosure formula with iron. At the hospital the whole 3 wks she didnt have barely any gas but was on the readymade neosure formula but since shes been home (almost 3 wks) i had to get the powdered formula with my WIC which has been SUPER rough on her tummy😢 she has had constant gas and with 85% of the time it being so painful for her, I begged her pediatrician to change her formula to a soy or gentle ease and she didnt want to switch it yet saying she needs the iron and it takes a few wks for newborns to get used to formula being their digestive system has to figure out how to work it out and in a few wks we can change it if she doesnt change. She then suggested gripe water, gas drops, warm washcloths on her belly, bicycle legs..and probiotics. I finally am trying the Mommys bliss probiotics (after nothing else has worked) & last night put a couple drops in her night time bottle..half asleep and sleep deprived this morning i noticed it was sup to be a few drops THRU OUT the 24 hrs !! So now she is having more//worse gas pains then before and now 95% of her DAY today was painful gas, not just gas if that makes sense. So of course realizing i gave her too much too fast i havent tried giving her anymore yet and am now super nervous to any give her anymore after the 24 hrs of the dosage passes worrying that it just might not be going well with her belly...does anybody give their littles probiotics, & how was the outcome of it?? HELP !!

  • Jean
    Dec 17, 2018

    We use the Gerber probiotic drops occasionally (mostly when he is on antibiotics). When he was younger we found the gas drops made him worse and drowsy. Bicycle legs and try windi by fridababy. Our guy was on the neosure for a little while too before we switched to total comfort. It does take them a little while to adjust. The neosure did help him put on some much needed weight. Hang in there it gets better.

  • Kaitlyn
    Apr 13

    I’m having the same problem! LO is 9 weeks 5 wks adjusted. The Neosure really does a number on her and made her an extremely fussy baby. I’ve spoken to my pediatrician and she assures me it will pass but it’s so difficult in the meantime. I’ve given her Gerber Soothe drops, gas drops, gripe water, Wiindi, warms showers (in between baths) and it seems like a combo of things only works occasionally. I’ve even gone as far as mixing her formula with a gentler similac brand (but tbh i don’t think it did much). While she has been able to poop, typically it’s harder and clumpy like clay (blame the iron). I will say I think warm baths/showers do help at least provide some comfort- I would also try a heating pad