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Help! My 1 year old still isn’t sitting!


My daughter turned 1 last month and still isn’t even sitting. She’s in physical therapy but they don’t think she needs it often so they only work with her once a month. I’m worried and wondering if anyone else has a baby that wasn’t sitting at 1 and what they did? She can sit for minutes by herself but then she screams the entire time and then just gives up. TIA!

  • Cathy
    Oct 02, 2019

    I’m sorry - but I would be pissed. Your child is 13 months, won’t sit and they think PT she doesn’t need it often? Who is they? The physical therapist or your pediatrician? You should definitely put a call into your pediatrician or find someone else to evaluate her. Check with your State programs because she might be eligible for services at a lower cost or more often. Is the PT giving you exercises to do at home?

  • Beth
    Oct 03, 2019

    Yeah seriously, get her spine checked, I'd look into better physio, get another opinion, check out chiropractors (that have kid/baby experience) the screaming sounds like pain!

  • MzBecks
    Feb 04

    Hello my LO is 17m,not standing on his own yet. He can walk about holding on to something.Any need to be worried?