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Help! Potty training is impossible

My 2.5 year old has been taking her diapers off and tells me when she is about to poop, so I have been trying to potty train her by keeping her naked and putting her on the potty every 10 mins and not taking my eyes off her. Yesterday she held it in for 6 hours and then pooped the 5 mins we were outside. Today I have spent the past 3 hours putting her on the potty and I move away for a second to grab a toy and she peed on the couch. What am I doing wrong?! Or is she not ready?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 29

    She needs some space and privacy. She is using her times alone to take advantage of that, which means she knows how to hold it, and how to go when she wants to. Try putting her on the real potty with an insert if you need and walk away to get something you "forgot" don't ask her if she needs to go, and maybe space the times a little farther apart to 30 to 45. The more tense you are about it, the more she's going to be tense and nervous.

  • Ivy
    Jun 30

    My second held his poop in forever while potty training. I realized he wanted privacy. I also set up the toilet in a place I notice he frequently hid in to poop (his closet). He does show signs before he needs to go as well. He gets quiet and kind of makes an awkward face or a spacing out stare. I’d rush him to the closet and show him the toilet and let him sit. Now when he goes in the bathroom, he always tells me to go away

  • Nana
    Jul 01

    Nothing wrong with what you’re doing just wait a few months and try again. Put on clothes she can’t take off for now.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 03

    Nothing. You aren’t doing anything wrong. This is about time and patience. It is a process. And is not happening one day to the other. Little by little space the times between the sitting. There is going to be accidents. Just be patience and talk to her. You are doing good.