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HELP Potty training TIPS

Any & all tips on potty training. We are currently on day 2 today, We are doing the 3 day method potty training Basically he’s naked all day. I am Aware 3days May vary, but we’re shooting for consistency. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far He sits on potty willingly ✔️ Pee in the potty 4 time, but only when I Initiated potty time✔️ He likes to celebrate when he pees in potty ✔️ No poo in toilet yet, & He woke up today (#2day) during his nap and did the deed... sigh. I know patience & being consistent is key I need tips & encouragement! I do put a diaper on when he naps & sleeps, I let him fall asleep & sneak the diaper on. Any other tips ?

  • Jasmine
    Oct 17

    Read “Oh crap potty training” it will change your life!!

  • K.A.M.
    Oct 17

    Make sure to keep fiber intake HIGH. My son started to withhold his poo’s when we started potty training and it has created a world of problems. We’re 3 months into this and cannot get him to commit to pooping on the potty. He will make himself sick holding it in, so then we cave and give him a pull up to poop. And round and round we go. We even have him on steady miralax, not helping. Hopefully yours will get the hang with both aspects of the potty training, but keep diet clean and high fiber is my recommendation. Soft poops!!

  • PK
    Oct 17

    Let him watch you poop. Exaggerate the pushing sound and expression on your face and then once you get it out show relief. Let him see the poop in the toilet and YOU flush it down. My son loves to flush the toilet, especially poop since it’s solid and much cooler to watch go down than just liquid. So because it was my poop, I got to flush it. I told him if he pooped, he could flush it. We did start with watching videos on my phone on the toilet just to get him to sit long enough but eventually we moved to books.