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Help! Suddenly Clingy at Bedtime

Our 11 mo old has out of the blue gone from extremely independent and generally a good sleeper to a total crying tyrant at bed time. She has always been a relatively good sleeper and needed almost no sleep training (using the 3/5/7min method she was usually down by the 7 minute bout). Her top two teeth are coming in, and she just dropped to one nap at daycare (she was already 1-a-day at home on the weekends). We’ve tried keeping her up later, we’ve tried letting her take a late afternoon nap—nothing seems to comfort her! She is obviously tired, though—rubbing her face, frequently laying her head down on us when we are holding her or rocking her. But then she’ll push up off our chest/shoulder and wriggle practically out of our arms fighting to be awake. Any suggestions? Daddy & Mommy are running on empty. 🤦🏻‍♀️😅😴

  • Anonymous
    Apr 16

    I didn’t sleep train my daughter, she fell into her own pattern of sleeping through the night early on but she is now doing the same thing !! She fussed to get to sleep the last few days and the last two nights has woken every hour to two hours. I managed to rock her to sleep and used her sleep soother / white noise machine which kept her sleeping for the last few hours of the morning this morning. As for her teeth , I let her chew on her bib which she seems to prefer over teething toys.