HELP with baby meds!

I have a 9 month old who currently has the flu and an ear infection :( I am having a very hard time getting him to take any medicine. He doesn’t take a pacifier or bottle and is refusing any food except nursing so I don’t know how to get him to take it. When I just force it into his mouth, he usually throws up. Help please!!

  • Elle
    Dec 22, 2018

    We just went through a worse version of this, with nebulizer, steroids, and ER visits. - use a Syringe (like the one in tylenol bottle -- or whatever antibiotics he is on. He should be on something for an ear infection). - Gas drops - frequent burbing - track all intake and outtake, monitor closely -infant Pedialyte (the kind without fruit juice, CVS has one) - watch for signs of dehydration Call your pediatrician's nurse line if you need addl info about any of tholese things. Good luck!

  • Jennifer
    Dec 22, 2018

    If you pump try putting some breast milk in one of those small medicine cups that usually will come with children Tylenol add the medicine to that and see if he will drink that, small sips at a time. Good luck!

  • Raji
    Dec 22, 2018

    If he only nurses try putting a few drops on your nipple if that is the only way?

  • PK
    Dec 22, 2018

    Do you force the full amount of meds into his mouth? And where in the mouth are you depositing it? I learned this from a nurse - lay your child down however you need to achieve this: With one hand, squeeze the corner of their mouth to get their mouth to open. With the other hand, stick the syringe to one side against the cheek.. and very slowly and with just a little bit at a time drop some meds in. My son cries and spits when I do this so I try to time it so that when he’s inhaling for air that I’m dropping the medicine in so that it’s sliding down his throat. That’s why I do a bit at a time... too much and he gags. If I don’t time it right, I get a full blast of medicine and spit in my face. Be sure to have wipes on hand. It’s easier to have someone help restrain your child but if you don’t.. what I usually do is lay my son down across my lap, pin one side of my son’s arms down against my body, and the other arm with the elbow/arm of the side that that’s holding the syringe... so I’m kinda hugging him. My son takes a pacifier so I usually have that next to me so I can give it to him right away. Maybe just be ready to nurse right away in your case? Or if he has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket?

  • Shruti
    Dec 23, 2018

    I guess it depends on the med but when I added it to breastmilk it turned horribly bitter. Our little one used to keep throwing up meds and we were desperate. The only thing that worked for us that my little one did not throw up was adding the meds to a thick sweet syrup like cold mango/guava nectar,,,it went down without a peep. (I taste tested it with the tip of my finger). You many need 2-3 tsp of the nectar to get the entire dose fed. One of the nurses also suggested using chocolate syrup but my little one was not a fan. Good luck! (Coming to think of it, ice cream might work as well? The cold and sweet might mask the bitter)

  • Birdie
    Dec 23, 2018

    What works for us, we give our daughter control. She takes her medicine out of the little medicine cup with no problem. Every time we try to do the syringe she would gag and throw up medicine, plus we usually had to hold her down. We didn’t wanna make taking medicine a negative experience. As soon as she saw the medicine she would immediately start crying. We also usually do a bubblegum or grape flavored medicine, she can’t stand cherry flavored.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 24, 2018

    I give my daughter Fever All it's a rectal suppository if you are comfy giving meds that way.. her fever gets cured fast I'm talking in about a day or two.. she was the same way..she used to gag or throw up or spit out the liquid meds. It was so much easier this way