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Help with feeding


Hi parents, hoping to get some advice for my 1 year old. He refused the bottle starting at around 9 mos and will only take the breast. At daycare, he’s moved to solids and takes milk/water occasionally by spoon. Recently, when he’s home and not at daycare, he only eats a few bites before screaming to get out of the chair. I tried feeding him in multiple places thinking it might be the high chair but same reaction. I am concerned he’s not getting enough food or nutrients if this continues. Any advice or ideas on what may be causing this behavior, is it a phase? Btw this is causing a lot of tension between my husband and I bc he thinks I’m forcing my son to eat when he clearly doesn’t want to. Thanks!

  • molly
    Feb 23

    I think it maybe a phase. my kid refused the high chair around 9 months and wanted to sit on a regular chair like us so we got him a cushion for a regular chair and that seemed to improve things. But... I used to fret about whether he was getting enough nutrition at that age because He had just started walking and was always distracted and did not sit down to eat as peacefully as he used to. My pediatrician then reminded us that a parent’s job is to make sure there are properly scheduled meals and offers the nutrition dense food at those meals but it is not under our control whether the child eats or not and we should not force them Or make it into a power struggle. Sure enough my kid started eating normally again. Remember no kid will remain hungry. good ly

  • Anonymous
    Feb 24

    thanks molly!

  • Angelica
    Feb 25

    sometimes if me son won’t eat any of his meal, I sit it on the coffee table so that he can still go play but come back to nibble if he wants.

  • Elle
    Mar 14

    Put him on a feeding schedule, it will ensure he is hungry when you feed him and he knows that certain times are time to eat. Strong intentional consistent implementation of positive reinforcement the whole way through. Believe he can do it, and he will!