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Help with nap time


My daughter is 4 and my son is 8 months. With my daughter we were always so particular with her schedule especially nap times. We had a routine with her. When my son came along I don’t know what happened. He doesn’t have exact nap times but we know when he’s tired and wants to sleep. The only problem is that if he’s not sleeping on someone he doesn’t nap long at all. He can sleep on us for a good 1 and a half or even 2 hours. Once we place him in his crib he will sleep for maybe another 10 mins but that’s it. Nap times he gets rocked on the chair and falls asleep, he doesn’t get placed in his crib before he falls asleep, maybe that’s where we went wrong? I feel like with my daughter we always rocked her to sleep too but was still able to move her and she’d have a good nap. We don’t mind him sleeping on us because we know how fast they grow and we just want to soak it in but there are some days we just want to get stuff done and can’t, and same thing with whoever watches him basically has to hold him in the chair while he sleeps. I want to break this habit but I’m not sure exactly where to start. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

  • Jenn
    Mar 12

    I'd definitely suggest putting him down drowsy but awake. This way he can learn to self-soothe and sleep in his crib. Also, shorter naps (like 30 mins) are normal at that age and they start to connect them around 4-5 months, so this is a great time to do sleep training.

  • Kerry
    Mar 13

    When my little one was 4/5 months he would fall asleep on me and id move him to crib/pack n play he would wake shortly after. I realized he was cold when i laid him on his own. I started to make sure he was in a sleep sack for naps or let him fall asleep on me and lay a blanket over him. I also started about 4 months laying him down while drowsy so he started to self soothe. Hes 13 months now and there are times where he falls asleep on us but i try to be consistent with putting him down awake most times hes asleep within 5 mins of being in his crib. We use a sound machine and sleep sacks and they are his cues now for sleeping. How does he fall asleep at night? Maybe have him fall asleep with you for one nap and the other nap lay him down when he is tired maybe create a routine. Cuddles read a book lay in bed with favourite lovey/stuffed animal. My little one loves his little lion.