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Hey Moms!

I recently purchased 4 Infant formula cans from amazon. Three of them came dented. I assume they were dented during shipment as there was no packing materials inside. Amazon sent me replacements cans and NOW THESE ARE DENTED TOO! I now have a collection or dented formula cans they are the 28+ oz size. I hate to see so much formula go to waste. Is there any harm is giving this to my baby? This formula cannot be found in a lot of stores...

  • Janna
    Feb 21

    I don’t see any harm in a dented can. Unless the seal is broken it should be fine to feed it to baby.

  • Amanda
    Feb 21

    The cans I get from Amazon are always dented. As long as the can is not punctured and the saftey seal is ok there is no harm.

  • B
    Feb 23

    Just like with canned goods, denting can allow bacteria to be introduced. I would check with your doctor but I wouldn’t use them