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Hi all , my 1 month angel spits milk from nose even when she gets good burp after feed.

She is on breastfeed, I am too scared because of this, when I approached her doctor, he gave one medicine (zentac), but I want to avoid medicine in such early age. Please suggest some good natural way to get rid of this.

  • Lauren
    Jul 08

    The same thing happened with two of my kids, it was caused by my milk letting down too quickly and coming out too fast. I am not sure if that is what is causing your baby to spit up but if it is you could try pumping some milk out before she eats to make the milk come out less forcefully

  • B
    Jul 08

    Zantac was a godsend. She was so much happier-the reflux really hurt. If she’s got reflux I’d try it. Smaller feeds more often also help

  • Liya
    Aug 11

    Same here, Zantac helped my baby so much. I agree smaller feeds and hold him up for 30 min after feeding. If he is a very young baby then it is most likely acid reflux. It goes away usually around 4 to 5 months old