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Hi does anyone have any tips of tricks on dealing with an extremely picky eater?


My son is so picky he’d rather starve and he really hasn’t gained much weight because of this! Anyone have any tips or tricks? Thanks.

  • PK
    Sep 06

    How old is your son? We have used distraction methods (toys, books, music) to help get our son to try stuff. And then once he realized it was yummy then he would pick it up himself (some times!) Also.. if your son is old enough to use a fork or food-pick to eat with, sometimes that can be fun for them too. Eat with him. Eat off the same plate as him. What is your son’s feeding schedule? Does he snack a lot? Kids won’t starve themselves but they will skip meals. Take a look to see if maybe he’s filling up on snacks or getting a snack too close to a meal. Is he drinking a ton of milk and filling up on that? Also... keep in mind that weight gain slows down as they get older. And this could all be a phase!! We go in waves with my son where he will skip meals and be super picky with the stuff that he eats... and then there are days where he will eat anything in sight. Not sure where you live, but it is extremely hot where we are. We don’t have the AC on all the time so sometimes it’s actually too hot where both my son and I don’t have much of an appetite.