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Hi moms. When should I start taking my little one to playgrounds?

I do take walks with her daily, she hates swings and doesn’t walk yet (14months), she doesn’t sit in the stoller, I end up picking her up when she is screaming therefore can’t be outside for more than an hour.. any tips? 🙈

  • Jenn
    May 17

    Does she like water? Maybe you can find a splash pad to play in when they open. My LO just turned 1 and doesn't walk either, but loves going on the playscapes. I usually go with her unless it is a baby one and she will go down the slide. Does you LO like to watch others? Maybe bring a snack and people watch for a little so she can see other kids doing it.

  • Ashley
    May 18

    Keep trying. I've been taking our daughter to parks ever since she was a baby in the carrier.. so essentially she was tagging along with her big brother and cousins for some time. Your LO will get used to it. Maybe it'll work if you bring a book or something for yourself. It kinda forces you to want to stick around. If she's sitting in the stroller watching you chill and some other kids play, soon enough she'll want to get up and going with them.

  • Anonymous
    May 18

    Are there any sand playgrounds? She can crawl around and still be near you. Or just and try and play with toys. Library story times? Kids museums?