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Hi parents. My baby woke up 3 TIMES last night =.= she used to wake up only once but she's been waking up more often and I'd nurse her to sleep every time. My husband ordered the Sleep Solution's book by Dr. Ferber. I'm praying that this book will help, because it's starting to drive me a little crazy. Has anyone used the Ferber method and got the results they wanted?

  • Anne
    Apr 26, 2018

    I used it and loved it! Our boys really needed firm sleep training (not all kids do, but ours definitely did) and they were so much better rested and happier after we did it.

  • Kendall
    Apr 26, 2018

    We did!!! We had a similar experience, he was a decent sleeper and would wake up once which wasn't a big deal. And slowly he started waking up 2.... then 3.... then 4 times and finally I had enough! Now My 5 mo old sleeps 8-8 😁

  • Adriana
    Apr 26, 2018

    Omg 3 times... that is a good night around here :( mine wakes up a whole lot of times, lately she has been waking up once but last night she went all in and woke up every hour until 3 am.. your baby might be going through a leap or something, also by 6 months they start developing some separation anxiety which could be why she is waking up so much