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My SS will be 6 in a few weeks. He is bright, sweet, and loving, but also argumentative and defiant. All of this seems to be on point with his age. But when I moved in with him and his dad about a year ago, he was still throwing fits and his behavior was very much like a toddler, instead of an almost five year old. We have made major progress with his behavior, but a couple things are worrying me now... 1. He still thinks that if he can’t see me, I can’t see him. He hides his face under the couch and thinks I can’t find him. Yesterday he hid behind a thin telephone pole and told me I’d never see him. Like I said, he was behaviorally behind a year ago, but he’s also very bright (his teacher says he’s her best student) so I don’t know if I should be worried. 2: He had a rough year last year. He became attached to stuffed puppies. He has ten of them. He tends to express his emotions through them. For instance, we pick Daddy up from work. He says, “Bear puppy misses you Daddy.” We are buying a house currently. He says he liked the one house we looked at, but Goldie puppy did not like the green room. I’m still newish at Stepmomming, but these seem like toddler behaviors to me, since both of my nephews outgrew this by the age of four. Should I be worried??

  • B
    May 04

    If it were me, I’d talk to his dad about him going to a child therapist. Just to make sure

  • AdamAnt
    May 04

    Therapy is usually helpful for all members of the family, and all people. My oldest son is almost the same age, & sometimes has the same hiding logic - we think he gets it from the cartoons he watches, as in the cartoons that kind of hiding actually works. 😆 It sounds like a lot of family life changes are occurring right now, & his behaviors are how he’s dealing with the stress. Talking through stuffed animals makes communicating with adults easier for kids - because of the displacement of what is said, they feel safer being honest because the toy is saying it, not them. Maybe see about a little light therapy, and try & reduce his stress levels a bit. He knows he is loved, and is trying to adjust.

  • Joanna
    May 04

    I don't think these behaviors are alarming. But if you think that his behaviors are delayed, his school should have resources to evaluate it. Trust your gut.

  • Elissa
    May 04

    He has been seeing a counselor for several months. This just occurred to me yesterday and wanted to ask. I did email his counselor as well