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Hitting problem 3 year old

My just turned 3 year old has started hitting and kicking when he gets angry. It is out ofcontrol. He punched me yesterday because he didnt want to use the potty! I have tried walking away but he just hits other things. I've also tried putting him in his room to let him cool down but he just breaks and throws things. I need ideas as to how I can help him when he is angry or overwhelmed like this. My daughter didn't react this way so I am at a loss here. Any suggestions welcome:)

  • PK
    Jul 11

    Try putting him in a corner of the house (nothing within reach to touch or break) for a time out. You don’t have to call it a time out corner... maybe a cool down corner. Tell him that he can cry and shout all he wants but he can’t leave the corner until he’s calmed down and ready to be nice. The first few times you may need to remind him to sit down and not move from the corner but eventually they’ll get it. You can talk about his emotions and tell him it’s ok to feel these things but he needs to do it in his safe corner where he can’t hurt himself or anyone else.

  • Mom2kids60634
    Jul 23

    I'm having the same issues with the hitting, he loves to raise his hand to pause and then throw. I tell him now that he will automatically go to time out.There is no more warning. He cries and screams in the corner, I tell him to go there until he calms down, which is a good 20 mins. I've tried other things as well. But I'm hoping this helps.

  • Jay
    Jul 24

    I would suggest redirecting his attention I made a small “rescue kit “ with some sparkle wands and play dough a fidget spinner things like that so when my son gets this way I just distract him and he normally cools down

  • Beth
    Sep 19

    When he hits you or kicks you: cry. Cry out in pain, big ouch, big display of how much he hurt you. Act it out. If he breaks something don't replace it. Show him it's broken after he's calm. He's three he will see the consequences and learn. He won't be able to play with something that's broken.

  • Beth
    Sep 19

    He doesn't get to play with people he's hurt.