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Horrible 2 year old

My 2.5 year old does not listen to anything she smiles when you yell at her or put her in time out she thinks she is funny. Iv tried different ways of putting her in time out.

  • Whitney
    Nov 30, 2018

    What about giving her small things when she’s been good? Do you tell her when she’s being good? My 15 month old loves when i tell him “yay Oliver” or “good job buddy” and he starts clapping. He knows when he’s being good. This is random but i let him help me give the dog treats and tell him good job when he gives it to her. It’s so hard!

  • Sb
    Dec 01, 2018

    This is what makes parenting so hard. Nobody can tell u what is going to work for your child. Each child is different. Recognition for being good is best but if u have to discipline find what works for your child. What does she like, maybe you can say "you cannot have this until your good" or whats their favorite show you can say "you need to be good if you want to watch your cartoon before bed"

  • Christina
    Dec 01, 2018

    Children smile and laugh when they are overwhelmed with emotion they don't understand. She is trying to understand how you and she are feeling. Keep being consistent with time outs and positive praise.

  • Mackenzie
    Dec 01, 2018

    My youngest is like this and I agree with the comment above that emotional overwhelm response for her is laughter. For my youngest it’s more about responding positively to the things he does well, and simply and calmly removing him from situations that are leading to undesirable behavior. Even if he throws a fit. I do my best to remove and not react. Then when he calms down I speak softly and explain why I stopped his progress and then entertain him with a different task or toy. Before it was just tons of giggles and repeat behavior. Now he seems to be getting the understanding that “Undesirable or unsafe actions lead to no response or removing him from the situation” and “Favorable actions receive a lot of excitement and praise”. It’s not always easy. He’s my second and completely different from my first so sometimes this method isn’t always convenient, but consistently is key for him.

  • Jessica
    Dec 01, 2018

    Focus on the good stuff that she does! I recommend the book No Drama Discipline...

  • Lyndsay
    Dec 01, 2018

    My son did this too. He has sensory processing disorder and did not pick up on facial expressions and voice when I was redirecting him.

  • Leela
    Dec 01, 2018

    I also have a 2.5 year old. He does not listen well to me. I feel like a push over. It's so incredibly overwhelming for me sometimes. He laughs when you cry, discipline isn't working, he hits and screams, terrible 2 tantrums are real in our house. Not sure what to do. 123 magic isn't the answer right now either...

  • Anna
    Dec 01, 2018

    Try reading peaceful parent happy kids by Laura Markham.... it’s a great book!

  • Kristin
    Dec 01, 2018

    100% with Anna

  • Tiana
    Dec 02, 2018

    Don’t make the reward for good behavior too far away. Eg: don’t say at 3pm, if you’re good you can have dessert after dinner. That goal is HOURS away. It is incredibly difficult for a 2 year old to grasp that concept. The goal is unrealistic and unreachable. Saying DURING dinner. If you try everything on your plate you can have a treat after, is more realistic. During the day, reward him for good behavior with almost immediate positive affirmations or treats. The treats can be insignificant to you, but important to your child. If you get dressed quickly we will have time to play trains before breakfast. If he doesn’t dress quickly, have a natural consequence. “ you didn’t get dressed quickly. We don’t have time for trains right now” try the same thing a day later, chances are, he will improve.

  • Sandy
    Dec 07, 2018

    She is probably very uncomfortable and that is her way of dealing with her feelings. Also the yelling is probably hurting her and not helping. It is important for the adult to stay calm otherwise you cannot expect a child to stay calm. They take their cues from you. 2.5 years old is not old enough to be manipulative or intentionally mean as some people may think. She just needs clear boundaries enforced in a calm manner, and empathy. It is hard to be a toddler and always told no and can’t have your way. Try to see it from her point if view.