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Hot flashes/chills at night


I didn’t experience hot flashes/chills after my first pregnancy, but I am with my 2nd. He’s 3 weeks old, and I have them at night while in bed. The nurses at the hospital said it’s my hormones changing. Have any of you experienced this? How long did it last?

  • Jenn
    Jun 27

    Make sure you don't have a temp because it could be mastitis or another infection. I I had terrible chills/hot flashes with that

  • Anonymous
    Jun 28

    After I gave birth to my second son I would sweat soooo much at night. I was told it was hormones as well. For me, I thought it was because of breastfeeding. I wasn’t able to breast feed my first born and never had the night sweats with him.

  • Brooke
    Sep 21

    It's crazy I been getting my period or if that is what u even call it but I haven't gone more than 5 days in 8 months without bleeding its aweful..never again..I hate this and I swear to God after I get it taken out next week it better b gone forever