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How can i take my daughter off breastmilk

  • Natalie
    Jan 08

    Mix formula and breastmilk together.

  • Daniela
    Jan 08

    Shes 15 months

  • Lindsay
    Jan 09

    She can have whole milk at this point so I’d mix breast milk and whole milk, try to push the time between feedings after she’s become accustomed to a fully whole milk bottle or cup and just slowly drop a feeding at a time, offering instead a cup of whole milk. Again this would be after she’s had some slow introduction of whole milk to make sure it doesn’t bother her tummy too much 😊

  • Diana
    Jan 10

    Of you are asking about weaning her off the breast, I’ll share what I did with my two kids. I stopped breastfeeding both at age 2: First kid: I stopped breastfeeding when I went on a business trip for four days. When I came back I told her they (breast) were broken and made sure to give her plenty of cuddle time and snuggles. Second kid: I told him he couldn’t have milk in public anymore and that it was only for when we were home (he was really active and would literally leave my breast completely exposed in public at this age. I’m all for whipping them out when baby is hungry but he was just playing at this point). Then just home became just at bedtime and then it transitioned to they don’t have milk anymore and you are a big boy. Again, plenty of snuggles given.

  • Ashley

    I put Lemon juice on my nipple and say booby milk is nasty now. It’s working great for me.

  • Daniela

    Ashley my daughter likes lemons 😂