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How did baby hold bottle?


We are at 10.5 months, and baby is very independent trying to feed herself and drink herself. The funny thing is...she doesn’t realize she needs to tilt back to drink! She finally started drinking from her sippy cup at home (used to only drink from a regular cup), but she still has not realized the “tipping” required for sippy is the same for bottle...she grabs her bottle and then gets frustrated that she’s not getting anything. We have tilted her sitting position when holding her for a bottle, lifted the bottle for her, exaggerated the tipping ourselves...when did your baby figure this out?

  • Jackie
    Mar 28

    Both of my kids never held their bottles. In my opinion it made bottle weening sooo much easier. I just started putting everything in their sippy cups when they started learning how to use them, which was around 9 months. After that they only got 1 actual bottle right before bed, but at 11 months I started giving them the sippy cup before bed too. Never had any issues at all with them clinging to their bottles. Don’t sweat it too much. This could be a blessing. :)

  • Jo
    Mar 30

    I too have a little man not understanding the tilt the bottle, sippy cup thing. He is almost one and it does get frustrating. He actually has to be in the laying down position to drink from the bottle. After talking to other moms, they have all assured me that he will figure it out when he is ready.

  • Elizebeth
    Apr 02

    May want to try a sippy cup with a straw. Mine never used a sippy cup just went straight to straw cup. She also refused to hold a bottle. Once she realized you let go she did too and let milk run out of her mouth. Lol