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How did you get your little one used to the carrier?


Mine seems to have mixed feelings, ha. He’s almost 6 weeks.

  • Katrina
    Jul 21, 2018

    Many babies who aren't worn from birth can be unhappy about changing the way they're used to being held. To help them get used to it, start with short sessions in the carrier while baby is content. Don't expect it to immediately work for fussy times. Make sure the carrier fits you and baby well and is adjusted right. This means safety first plus comfort - if baby isn't comfortable due to incorrect fit, baby won't like the carrier. Time and experience usually help most things with babies that small. Are you familiar with babywearing safety as you start?

  • Michelle
    Jul 23, 2018

    Start for short periods when you are both happy and relaxed. Worked for me. We both loved it. Started at 2mo, ended it when she started walking (she got wriggly, wanting to walk everywhere instead)