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How did you know you’re ready for another baby?


I’m turning 34 this year & my LO is about 15 mos (& we didn’t planned him). He’s an active (& a handful) toddler boy. But it doesn’t stop me & my hubby for wanting to have another one, plus our family & friends keep begging us for another?! We initially decided when our LO is more independent & can able to do more on his own, probably closer to 2 yrs old. But everywhere I go & everywhere I look (ie social media included), there’s so many cute adorable babies!! Plus like I said, I’m turning 34 this year, my hubby is turning 39. Though age isn’t a big deal these days, doctors helped a lot of couples regardless of age or health needs, have a baby, but my husband & I do prefer to have another one sooner than later. So, to cut it short, how did you know you’re ready for the next baby?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 03

    You sound ready! My husband and I knew when our oldest was pretty young and ended up having babies 17 months apart, and loved that so much, were three babies in and expecting a fourth this summer. I think if you both are ready to try and know you want a second, I would do it. My three barely three years apart from first to third and their bond is incredible, plus I’m overlapping sleepless nights so hopefully overall I get more sleep than someone who spread them out really far. At least I comfort myself that way. Haha. Regardless, good luck! Wishing you the best!