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How did you potty train?

Effective ways to potty train?

  • Toni
    Jan 23, 2019

    If it’s a boy wait a bit after 2nd birthday...boys take longer and start potty training later than girls. If it’s a girl, get some thick Gerber underwear and use those during the day with the pull-on diaper (not pull ups) at night. After drinking/eating wait 15-20min then go potty. Go potty every hour during the day. Cut out liquids two hours before bed. Some people wake their child up at night. I never woke mine up. I just cut the liquids. Take the child to the bathroom when you go as well, you can go this before they turn two. I put put mine on the big toilet and skipped pull-ups and the potty seats. Also get daycare involved and family members of the child visits. Let them all know the training schedule. Skip pull-ups and buy a lot of extra thick potty underwear. This same method will work for boys, it’s just they might not be ready until they are older. When they have an accident, have the child clean it up or at least help clean up. Especially if the child is older. Our daughters trained well & were easy with little to no accidents. Our son..took forever!!! We used to make our son hand wash his drawers since he kept pooping in them, he was 4y old...took about a week before he finally stopped the foolishness lol.

  • Tiana
    Jan 23, 2019

    It’s baloney that boys take longer. My 19 month old son was potty trained in 10 days. You train a boy the same way you train a girl. Pants free until they see the pee come out. Catch poops when they hide in the corner or squat. No diapers. No pull-ups just a lot of patience and plenty of wipes for the floor. Don’t berate them when accidents happen, but do make them feel the consequence. Uh oh, the floor is wet. You peed on the floor, not the potty. Let’s clean up! Have the child wipe the puddle. No shame, just a natural consequence. I took my son to the bathroom every 15 min, to start. Didn’t ask him, just told him, time to sit on the potty! Made it clear that it’s faster to stop playing and pee real quick than keep playing, pee yourself and need to wash the floor and your clothes. We did a LOT of laundry. Started and stopped the machine to keep adding wet rags. Took 10 days total.

  • Activemommy
    Jan 24, 2019

    Thank you ladies for the suggestions!

  • Dee
    Jan 29, 2019

    Consistency no matter the time or place. Rewards are fun for them and encouraging in the beginning.