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How did you start teaching your child to talk?


There’s so many informations, books, opinions, etc out there. I just wanted to hear from other parents, your experiences, on starting to teach your child to talk & if you could recommend books, websites & other resources, it would be very helpful. Some would suggest to keep talking, singing, reading & interacting with your child. Others include sign language. Which one works best for you. On the lighter note, I remember my little sis started talking earlier than most because of playing with older kids, interacting with adults & TV?!

  • Raji
    Mar 11

    With our 14 month old; I have her repeat after me. I’ll say a word n then ask her to say it. She will try it and eventually get it after a few tries. She is a talker tho.

  • Danielle
    Mar 11

    I believe kids learn best through observing and hearing and listening so I am constantly talking to my daughter, repeating words, reading books to her even if she might have walked away. I am always explaining what we’re doing, where we’re going, and basically talking to her like a regular human. She seems to have picked up on language pretty well- she’s 16 months, says/recognizes a bunch of words/items and small phrases.

  • Kieli
    Mar 11

    My daughter has learned from listening to us, baby shows, nursery rhymes, and repeating after me. She all of a sudden just started talking, I think she was trying to figure out how to at first. Just a couple words here and there, but now she is singing and saying 2-4 words at a time

  • Dannie
    Mar 11

    Mine just learned from me reading the same books to him every night and listened for to Us talk... one day he just started really talking and putting things together... I don’t think there is an actual science to it. I personally think kids just come into their own sometimes

  • Laura
    Mar 11

    Sign language was so helpful. At the beginning she knew a lot more signs than actual words.

  • Sean
    Mar 11

    Our son learned from us talking. We didn’t talk down to him, we just used words and explained things to him. Annunciation improves as time went on. There will be days where your child won’t make sense or make sense to one parent and not the other (if two parents). It’s a fun time and you can enjoy them saying words.

  • Lindsey
    Mar 12

    Our daughter just learned on her own as I think most kids do. We bought books and stuff to help teach her what certain animals, colors, numbers, etc were but as far as teaching her to actually speak, they just kind of do it on their own. She said single words staring a little after a year and then like around her second birthday she started putting phrases together. Now she is almost 3 and speaking very well.

  • Lindsey
    Mar 12

    Also I know my daughter learned a LOT by watching word videos and stuff on my phone while I would be cleaning the house or something.

  • Destinee
    Mar 12

    I’m trying to teach now. I basically just say everything I’m doing aloud. Have a one sided conversation pretty much. I’ve noticed lately that she’ll watch my mouth and attempt to say works that I say so I’ll just slow down and break the word into parts for her to try. Lately it been “diaper” and she’ll say “dai- deh”

  • A
    Mar 13

    I’ve read that you should just constantly talk to them. It seems silly but tell them what your doing during the day. “Mommy’s putting laundry in the dryer, what color is this shirt? It’s red.” I used to count our steps name colors etc. Also, we did a lot of singing in our house. And though listening to Twinkle Twinkle for the 100th time may be obnoxious I feel like they picked on speech really quickly and still sing all the time.

  • Jennifer
    Mar 14

    I talked to my son all the time. Always telling him about what we were doing. Also read lots of books