How do I clean this??

Can someone please tell me how to clean dirty puffer coats.. the material will not come clean no matter how many times I wash. My daughters both have pink puffer jackets for school and they look awful after recess. Any ideas?

  • Jessica
    Oct 24, 2019

    I wipe kids coats down with baby wipes. Seems to work fairly well.

  • anonymous mom
    Oct 24, 2019

    They don’t come clean even after going through a wash cycle? Do you try washing just the coats and nothing else so they have lots of room in the wash basin to agitate and remove dirt? I’d give that a try, maybe with a shot of oxi clean although I’m not really sure how good it is because I’ve never done oxi clean myself (but all my mom friends say it’s pretty great).

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    I use oxi clean. If it doesn't come out of the washer clean, then I let a pile of corn starch sit on the stains for 24+ hours then rewash. Corn starch helps with oily stains.

  • Yanis
    Oct 27

    I put Dawn dish soap wherever there is a dirt stain like on the sleeves, let it sit a few minutes and then wash normal. So far it has worked

  • Bobbie
    Jan 09

    Have you tried a magic eraser?