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How do I get LO to not depend on breast to go to sleep at night?


I try to make sure she eats some solids before bed so her tummy is full but she still wants boob when it’s time to settle down. Then maybe 10 mins in she’s fast asleep. How do I break the association without making her cry it out.

  • Mini
    May 06

    Even i m going through same situation.. don’t know wat to do

  • Kj
    May 06

    I’ve tried feeding her a heavy meal and making sure she ready to sleep and letting someone else try to get her to sleep but all she does is scream her head off until I come to give her the boob 😭

  • Jade
    May 06

    One thing you can try is letting her nurse until she’s almost asleep, and then using your finger, gently break her suction and remove your breast from her mouth. This way, she’s falling asleep without your nipple in her mouth. You might have to try a few times before she finally falls asleep without it, but it should start to break the sleep association without any tears. Hope this helps!