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How do you deal with poop messes and what is a normal number of accidents?


So my son is potty trained (in my eyes). We followed the oh crap potty training method so he’s still actually commando because we really want to ensure that he gets the idea that the potty is a norm before we put on underwear and he just starts peeing and pooping uncontrollably. He roughly has 1-2 accidents (pee or poop) one day every week. Is that a normal amount? For some reason he just has a hard time one day a week with that. Because he’s commando, when he does have a poop accident, the poop just falls out and it’s a pretty easy clean up. I tried putting underwear on him and he pooped in it and it was just a messy smear down the leg, feet.. everywhere when I tried to get him cleaned up. Is there an easier/cleaner way to clean up poop accidents when I do put him in underwear??? Tips please!!! Thank you!

  • Anonymous
    May 31

    I don't think there is a normal amount of accidents. 1 or 2 a week doesn't seem too bad. As he gets older it will get less and less. Although my 3 yo does great, I don't plan on being totally accident free until he's 5 or so, that just seems like a typical time line. How long has he been going commando? I guess it doesn't really matter if he isn't going to daycare. Not sure I would be too happy if I was his caregiver and poop would just randomly fall out of his pants where other kids could find it and play with it. But no great tips on how to clean it up if he's wearing underwear, poop is gross and messy 🤷

  • Anonymous
    May 31

    😂 didn’t think about how it would be like in a daycare setting. He’s been commando for almost a month now. We are planning to put underwear on him in the next week or so. Ugh. My husband thinks I should just keep scissors on hand to cut him out of the underwear 🤣

  • Rebecca
    Jun 01

    We just dump the poop in the potty and use hot water over the undies with oxi clean. Cleans up the poop and then you won’t have it in your house. Give him a wipe down. Honestly I think when they get there pants dirty they learn faster. They don’t like the mess in them.

  • Brenna
    Jun 05

    I agree with your husband. When my daughter had poop accidents in her underwear, I just cut them off and threw them in the diaper pail I still use for her pull-ups she wears at night.