How do you guys split holidays with family and in laws?

Especially with divorced parents too

  • Kieli
    Nov 22, 2018

    Growing up from a separated family, I would go with my mom to her moms house on thanksgiving, and then have another thanksgiving with my dad. I lived with my mom, so Christmas morning with my mom and then Christmas evening with my dad. This worked out for our family, because every year on thanksgiving my dad makes food for church members and they all have a big potluck

  • AdamAnt
    Nov 23, 2018

    To avoid too much traveling & stress (fir the kids & for us) in one day / weekend, we alternate holidays. Thanksgiving with one side, Christmas with the other side. Then, the next year, swap sides. That way, everyone knows when we will meet, and we’re not trying to cram too much into one holiday at once.

  • B
    Nov 25, 2018

    We alternate holidays. Our families aren’t close together so we have to. Thanksgiving weekend with my family. Christmas Eve with his mom. Christmas Day with his dad. Days surrounding are split between the two.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 25, 2018

    We had a rough thanksgiving, some grandparents feelings were hurt but hopefully better run next time, and I think we may just have them come over instead of us going to them

  • Anonymous
    Nov 26, 2018

    Not so sure about the divorced aspect. But I flat out told my parents and in-laws that it would be easiest to do Christmas where I’m from. They each lived 3 hours away in opposite directions so we’re kinda in the middle. Traveling 6+ months pregnant and with an 8m old I no fun! This way they both get to be here for our daughter’s first Christmas and I get to make everyone happy 🤗

  • ACK
    Dec 03, 2018

    We alternate holidays each year and NEVER stray from the rotation. For now, we travel two hours to both sides. As our babies get older, we plan to extend invites to either side to come to us for Christmas...again, without straying from the rotation. We know we’ll be met with some resistance and grief about it. My husband and I want our boys to know Christmas morning in their own home!

  • Anonymous
    Dec 03, 2018

    I’d really like to do that, I get grandparents want all their kids over to their house for the holidays but I want to have our kids do it at our own place. It’s really hard when mil and fil are divorced we’re torn between three sets of grandparents

  • Jennifer
    Dec 28, 2018

    We used to run around thanksgiving & Christmas to my parents, his dad and his mom. Finally I just had enough. Since my family never seemed to have traditional thanksgiving food and that was a bigger holiday for his family to get together we now go to his grandma house with his his mom for thanksgiving. My parents are usually out of town visiting my aunt so we don’t do anything with them. Christmas my family does more with that so we do Christmas with them. Over the past year or so his mom has been doing more with Christmas but she usually goes to everyone house individually to give gifts nothing big. And we kind of just don’t go see his dad but he never talks to anyone so.