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How do you make extra money?


Hi all, Do any of you have any way of making extra money on the side?

  • PK
    Jul 31

    I use apps to make a little extra money. I only make about $40/month or so.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05

    What kind of apps?

  • PK
    Aug 08

    Taking pictures of receipts, scanning barcodes at stores, tracking my steps and health, taking pictures of hiring signs, and taking short surveys. I tried doing the long surveys but with a toddler... can’t do those in peace without getting timed out. I have a few referral codes for some of the apps I have. Let me know if you’re interested.

  • Amanda
    Sep 14

    @PK I am interested could you tell me what apps you are using

  • PK
    Sep 15

    Achievement - connect with your health apps to track your exercise and steps to get points for gift cards. You can also earn points by taking their surveys or reading their health related articles. You don’t need to log steps or anything, it runs in the background with the apps you connect. However, I recommend logging in periodically to take surveys and read the articles to get extra points. The app isn’t perfect and it’s slow money... but it’s easy. In order to get the referral bonus, you need to connect an app and complete one of their surveys or read one of the available articles. Shopkick - when you go to a store, you scan barcodes or just get points for walking into/by a store. You can also scan receipts from those stores and get points for qualifying items. To get the referral bonus, you have to scan or get walk-in points within 7 days of joining. SALE758828 Fetch Rewards - scan any grocery receipt! I like this one because you can scan any grocery receipt... doesn’t matter what you buy, you will get points as long as it is within the 2 weeks from checkout date and a maximum of 14 receipts in a rolling 7 day period. Slow money but it’s a quick and easy task. To get the bonus referral points, you have to scan your first receipt. KU4TY Ibotta - receipt scanning app, but it is item specific. I’m not a huge fan of this one because I don’t shop based on what their qualifying items are. I just shop for what I need and whatever brand I normally get or whatever is cheapest at the time. They do allow getting money back on any brand items or just for simply scanning any receipt. I know some people make a lot of money with this app by creating a shopping list via the app. dnxwydq Perksy - short survey app. I don’t get a ton of surveys anymore but at the beginning I did and I have cashed out for $25 once in the few months I’ve had it. I like this one because the surveys are short and simple. However you should turn on notifications because the surveys are only available for a limited time before they expire and you miss out on points and additional surveys. I think I don’t get many surveys anymore because I missed the last few that they sent me. And... As I was trying to get my referral code for this one, a new survey popped up! I guess you have to open up the app every once in a while to trigger a survey? In order to get the referral bonus, you have to create an account and take the personal quiz which helps them determine what surveys you qualify for. Download Perksy and get paid to play! 💸 Dabbl - survey and watch ads. This one is very slow money because they give you pennies. I like to use this one when I can multitask with something else (I just run the ads in the background while I’m playing with my son). I have cashed out on this one a few times already. There’s always surveys to take and ads to watch. This one rarely runs out of things for you to do to earn a bit of money. They also just updated the app not too long ago where you can take longer surveys and earn more points. In order to get the referral bonus, you have to create an account and complete a “Dabbl experience.” In the app, it will just be under “from Dabbl.” Other survey apps that I use but no referral code - OnePulse and Google Rewards. These two pay via PayPal and the surveys are really short. I actually enjoy using OnePulse because they’re short surveys and I seem to learn something new each week. Receipt Hog - when I signed up there was a waitlist. They emailed me after a few months and I was able to join. You take a pic of your receipt (any restaurant, gas station, grocery, or store) to get points to cash in. I recommend waiting to cash in at the highest tier (I get $40 amazon gift card) because it gives you the most value for your points. If you cash in with fewer points, the points you collected won’t be worth as much. My biggest money earner, you take pics of hiring signs and storefronts. Job Spotter. I used to make $40 alone per month (easily) with this one however they changed the way their points system works so I only made $20 last month and I had to put more effort into it. Oh and if you like beer and going to breweries, download PintPass. You check in at the brewery, answer a few questions then you earn money to use on your next beer. I haven’t had a chance to cash out on it yet though I do already have $10 to use! I think you earn $2 each time but a max of $8 earned/month.

  • PK
    Sep 15

    Let me know if you have any questions about any of them. They are all legit apps that I have cashed out on... except PintPass. I haven’t had a chance to cash out on that one quite yet so I can’t vouch for it!