How do you manage your time?

I find time management difficult with 2 kids. I tend to have a ton of errands and other adhoc things to do. I keep track of those on a list right now, but I inevitably forget or procrastinate. This then leads to anxiety: "I’m not doing the things I need to do, I keep falling behind on my life." Does anyone else have this problem, and what have you tried that has helped?

  • JJ
    Sep 13

    Anything I can do from home I will. Like paying bills online, shopping for certain items, etc... Anything I can do without the kids to make time faster I will, like running to the market, going to the bank, or post office on my way home from work or on a break from work. I always have a physical to do list and deadlines on a physical calendar. When in doubt, ask for help or put alerts on your phone.

  • Sherry
    Sep 18

    I’m big on putting reminders in my phone for EVERYTHING!!! I also find apps that help me organize my bills and grocery lists. I will write notes down but I always seem to forget where I put them. So the phone is my go to for everything.