How do you manage your time?

I find time management difficult with 2 kids. I tend to have a ton of errands and other adhoc things to do. I keep track of those on a list right now, but I inevitably forget or procrastinate. This then leads to anxiety: "I’m not doing the things I need to do, I keep falling behind on my life." Does anyone else have this problem, and what have you tried that has helped?

  • JJ
    Sep 13, 2018

    Anything I can do from home I will. Like paying bills online, shopping for certain items, etc... Anything I can do without the kids to make time faster I will, like running to the market, going to the bank, or post office on my way home from work or on a break from work. I always have a physical to do list and deadlines on a physical calendar. When in doubt, ask for help or put alerts on your phone.

  • Sherry
    Sep 18, 2018

    I’m big on putting reminders in my phone for EVERYTHING!!! I also find apps that help me organize my bills and grocery lists. I will write notes down but I always seem to forget where I put them. So the phone is my go to for everything.

  • theishu
    Oct 03, 2018

    Here are some things that work for us, on top of what JJ and Sherry said: 1. Create a 'family' calendar on our iPhones, so my spouse and I are both aware of things like swim classes, happy hours, travel, dentist, etc. and we can see them before committing to any new appointments 2. I sometimes write a list of things I want to talk to my spouse about, in my Notes app, because we're usually heads down in different parts of the house/town, and then I lose track. I know this is totally nerdy yet it's been super-helpful 3. Same thing with groceries list. If I end up using the last of the raisins or the toothbrushes, on the list they go. The next time I find myself at the store, I simply pull out Notes and save myself the trouble of multiple grocery runs. 4. Most helpful thing we've done ever is to look at the fridge after returning from the grocery store, see what we have in stock, and write down a menu of things to cook for the entire week. It saves a lot of thinking time (trust us, people) when we're back home on a weekday evening, and rushing to get something on the dinner table. If you know exactly what you'll be doing after you get home, it makes the mad rush home a little bit less chaotic.