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How do you meet mom friends?

...How do you meet mom friends when you’re relatively new to a city, now stay at home and have a 1 year old!? tried play ground, some play groups... just so hard...!

  • PK
    Mar 03

    Facebook groups, there’s an app called Peanut which is like a tinder for moms, and the meetup app. It’s hard making mom friends... I’ve met up with several moms but really only connected with one. Luckily my son connected with her son really well too.

  • Mama
    Mar 03

    Free mommy and me classes might help too!

  • Olga
    Mar 06

    I would recommend searching for Mommy & Me classes and swimming classes. I met a lot of people with similar interests. You’re also helping your child in learning a lifelong self-defense swimming class!

  • Charisma
    Mar 13

    The app mom life has helped me a lot

  • MommaAba

    Where are you located?