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How do you potty train a 2 year old boy I have no clue this is my first boy

  • Elissa
    Jun 25

    I started out potty trainingmy son and my client (I’m a behavioral therapist) by taking him to the store to get a potty seat (make sure it has a lip for they’re penis cause boys pee up lol) and some “big boy” underwear one morning( I let him choose both)and told him no more diapers after today cause were gonna learn to use the potty like mommy and daddy do.,I also got some mini m&ms (or stickers something small) for reinforcing him when he sat on the pottty and when he went. Then once we got home with everything I took him in every 10 minutes and had him sit for 10 seconds and if he sat the for the full 10seconds he got 2 m&ms ,if he sat the full time and if he peed I’d give 4 and if he pooed he got a handful then after a couple days of taking him in every 10 minutes (and once he finally peed in the toilet) I changed it to every 20 min and I made sure to tell him every time after we went to the toilet, if you need to pee or poop tell mommy or daddy and we watched him really close and if he started to grab his penis I would ask if he needed to go potty and even if he said no I would still take him in to sit if he went great if not I’d try again later. We eventually stopped the timing and m&ms once I felt he understood when he needed to go and knew to ask. It’s a long hard process but it is do able as long as you stick to a plan and are consistent with it. I also used the Pinterest app and looked up potty training tips for boys like every day hope this helps if you have any other questions Let me know and I’ll help as best I can. Good luck momma you got this 💪💙

  • PK
    Jun 25

    Same way you trained your girls! With just one extra thing - teach them to push their penis down. We were advised to train them sitting down first.

  • Glori
    Jun 28

    Good luck