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How do you/did you find a nanny?

My current nanny (of only 2 months) is unexpectedly moving out of state. I struggled to find her, and here I am again so soon. Are there any agencies that are recommended? Not having best of luck w Wondering if there are others...

  • Sandrine
    Sep 23

    Your local Meetup. It’s a trove (East Cost). If you have friends with school age children, schools have mailing list. Any clubs/church you belong to. I’ve found mine through a “community” site that I subscribed just for that and find my nanny

  • Jessica
    Nov 15

    You can try the "nextdoor" app. I found my last two jobs on there.

  • Susan
    Nov 22

    My daughter hired a nanny from the Philippines when her second child was born. There is a website (or several) where Philippino nannies can be hired. In Canada, they are given a one-year contract to be here to work for you, then if you want to renew the contract at the end of the year you just have to go to Immigration with the nanny and fill out the forms. She was an amazing person - SO good with the kids. She didn't spend her days on a cell phone or watching TV - she was very attentive to the kids and she introduced them to new foods and stories. They loved her! Those women are very hard workers, they don't go out at night and drink, they're very good with kids because most of them come from large families where they've had a lot of experience caring for younger siblings.